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In 1992, an aviation industry survey indicated a need for a supplier of quality flight suits in South Africa. AIRWEAR
TM took up this challenge and began producing high quality pilot flight suits. What started off as a small enterprise, grew into a resounding success generating awareness in General Aviation. Pilots began realising the vital importance of wearing a suit that is not only comfortable, but also offers maximum protection from various hazards and weather conditions. 

At the core of AIRWEAR
TM's success lies a commitment to design suits that are made to fit each individual and according to customer specifications. After ten years of success in the marketplace, AIRWEARTM has become a household name. AIRWEARTM suits are now being used as tender document references. A great variety are manufactured for every application; from fire-resistant fighter-pilot suits, to thermal microlight suits. Other pilot gear includes: gloves, boots, head set bags, etc. By manufacturing to individual needs and consistently maintaining exceptional quality standards, AIRWEARTM has become the preferred choice of many corporate and individual clients that include : Denel, MRI, Brian Emmenis and his Capital Sounds team, The Smirnoff Aerobatics Team, Chopper Flying Services, S.A.A. Historic Flight Society, South African Airforce Museum and a vast number of private individuals. 

TM supplies the market worldwide. 

On request, AIRWEAR
TM will individualise suits to any specific client requirements. All suits are tailor-made requiring the accurate completion of a measurement sheet. 

Contact details are as follows: 

Tel: +27 31 765 2069 

email: airwear@mweb.co.za 

Time zone: UTC +2 

Address: 6 Mkhize Rd, Bothas Hill, 3660

Postal: P.O. Box 700, Bothas Hill, 3660

Tel: +27 31 765 2069    

Due to currency fluctuations, the prices quoted are indicative.
When ordering, exact item prices will be confirmed.

"Quality is never expensive"