Aerodyne International now in South Africa as a result of Parachute Industries of South Africa PISA merging with Aerodyne Systems USA and Aerodyne France. Aerodyne design, manufacture and supply some of the best skydiving and parachute gear in the world. A complete range of parachute canopies for all levels of skydiving and parachuting from beginner student through to advanced proffesional skydiving as well as parachute canopies designed for tandem jumps. The Aerodyne range includes the high performance skydiving A-max or Amax parachute canopy, the Aerodyne Solo parachute canopy, the Aerodyne Triathlon parachute canopy, the Aerodyne Pilot parachute canopy, the Aerodyne Vision parachute canopy, the Aerodyne Gemini parachute canopy. Also Slider and Spectra lines. Each parachute canopy has been designed with specific flight and glide characteristics. The Aerodyne Amax - The Formula 1 of canopy design High "planform factor" with a combination of leading and trailing edge taper designed for the aggressive canopy pilot Designed for aggressive canopy pilots Highly efficient aerodynamics specifically designed for flight at high wing loadings Comes standard with 725 lbs. Spectra lines, soft links and a collapsible slider with new "super lightweight" stainless steel grommets. Small pack volume when compared with any other ultra-high performance canopies. The Aerodyne Vision - Utilizes the same advanced aerodynamic inlet as the ultra-high performance Amax Comes standard with 725 lbs. Spectra lines, soft links and a slider with new "super lightweight" stainless steel grommets A high performance canopy designed for experienced pilots High performance with a natural in-flight feel Small pack volume A new blend of leading and trailing edge tapers provides consistent opening. The Aerodyne Pilot - The new standard in versatility Comes standard with 725 lbs. Spectra lines, soft links and a slider with new "super lightweight" stainless steel grommets Made entirely of zero-p fabric for ultimate performance and longevity Color coded line attachments for easier PRO packing Easy to control in all flight modes Designed by pilots for pilots Moderate "planform factor" provides excellent turn response without excessive oversteer. The Aerodyne Triathlon - The one canopy that does it all An ingeniously designed 7-cell canopy combining user-friendly handling characteristics with outstanding performance All Zero-P fabric Smooth predictable handling No other canopy offers such a wide range of landing capabilities from Demo to Swoops New steering line configuration for increased flare power Small pack volume due to seven cell construction Comes standard with spectra line, soft links, and collapsible slider with "super-lightweight" stainless steel grommets. The Aerodyne Solo - Comes standard with 725 lbs. Spectra lines, soft links and a slider with "super lightweight" stainless steel grommets. Color coded line attachments for easier PRO packing instruction and learning Hybrid fabric use provides ease of packing while maintaining performance Extra reinforcement is provided in areas prone to student damage, resulting in less "down time" Moderate "planform factor" for predictable response and handling Handling characteristics tuned to provide a smooth transition as the student prepares to downsize. The Aerodyne Gemini - The Gemini was designed to be the workhorse of your tandem operation. It is the tandem canopy you have been looking for but could never find, until now. Moderate "planform factor" and optimized airfoil guarantee superb flying characteristics Comes standard with 1500 lbs Spectra lines, #6 stainless steel rapide links and a collapsible slider with stainless steel grommets Exceptionally strong construction, designed for suspended weights up to 210 kg (462 lbs) Comfortable openings and excellent flare capabilities keep your tandem masters in good shape throughout the day Smallest pack volume in its category. You will soon see Aerodyne products in use in the air and at dropzones all over South Africa, look out for them at the next big skydiving boogie. The chutes are also now manufactured in Verulam outside of Durban South Africa just past the La mercy flight park where Dave Daniels runs his microlight flight school. Imagine Icarus Skydiving, if Icarus were alive today he would be skydiving but would Icarus go to ground school first. When you go skydiving dont be like Icarus. Airwear manufacture skydiving jumpsuits and they manufacture fire resistant suits so you wont be like Icarus and get your wings burned. Airwear flightsuit manufacturers parachute skydiving suits
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  • Military "Parabat" design
  • Manufactured in 230gr/m2 polycotton work wear fabric SA Bureau of Standards approved.
  • Twin full length zips
  • Elasticated ankle cuffs and heel straps
  • Ribbing on wrists and collar
  • Double stitching throughout
  • Colour: black, teal, navy, royal blue, red, olive green, medium grey  


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