Pilot Boots for Flying (NEW AND IMPROVED)

Most pilots wear synthetic shoes or even takkies, (which are both highly flammable and will melt into the skin).

It is noteworthy that some so-called leather shoes are today produced by lamination of a very thin leather skin onto a synthetic base skin.
In the event of a fire, this is a very dangerous foot gear to be wearing, since it is often the feet which are the first to contact a surface on fire. 
Having one´s feet on fire isn’t exactly the best way to get oneself out of a life-threatening situation.
The pilot boots supplied by Airwear have a design based on the original Armscor specifications for the SAAF pilots. They are a 21st century updated version.
The full leather uppers, including padding, have been retained, including the well-known wedge type sole.
The benefits of these new boots are a substantially lighter construction, better flexibility, a very comfortable fit, all the while retaining the original durability. These boots are suitable for flying of light and heavy aircraft.
“Quite simply the best pilot foot gear available on the market.”