Airwear has taken a stance that we will not provide service on any Government tender for flight suits.

The tender system is broken, and is fraught with corrupt officials, tenderpreneurs, processes and a general decay of morals and ethics.

Until we as ordinary citizens are comfortable that our tax Rands are being spent correctly and with due consideration to the people and companies that actually produce those taxes we will be withholding our product and services from unnecessary “tenderflation”.

In addition we are a small operation geared for producing flight suits for small orders and individuals not set up to do mass production. and yes… WE LIKE IT THAT WAY!

Please Note: We do not care if you are paying cash or even if it’s guaranteed business. It’s not the kind of business that we want.

NOTE To People Requesting Quotes for a Tender

If you want a quote simply for the sake of meeting your quota of X quotes – we are happy to help at a surcharge of R400 per quote.

I’m sure you understand that our time is precious and we value it accordingly, it takes us time to produce quotes, you wouldn’t hesitate to waste a professional such as a doctor or a lawyers time and likewise we are a specialist service & professionals so we cant give away our time for free.

*do not try to request a quote on a tender without contacting us and making payment for our time, as we regularly get 5 -10 people asking for the same quotes, then obviously its a tender  – if you do so you will be ignored, and blacklisted from further business with us.