Q.  How do I know which frame size to choose?
A. If you have an existing frame that fits comfortably, measure the frame by placing it on a ruler and note the width at the widest point where the temples attach. 

If you don’t have a frame to go by:
Holding a ruler over your eyes easily does this measurement. Using a mirror, or have someone helping, line up the end of the ruler with one temple and then measure to the opposite temple. The reading will give you a good idea of which size frame is right for you.  
General rule of thumb: 125mm/small, 135mm/medium, 145/large, 155/extra-large

Then use the chart below to convert your measurement to a frame size that may suit your face.

Suggested Frame Size

Face Size (temple to temple)

49mm 115mm or 4.5”
52mm 127mm or 5”
54mm 130mm or 5.125
55mm 135mm or 5.25”
57mm 140mm or 5.5”
58mm 146mm or 5.75”
61mm 152mm or 6”

Q. What is Randolph’s warranty on frames and/or lenses? 
A. All Randolph products carry a lifetime warranty for solder joint failures and a one-year warranty on other parts and labour under normal conditions. There is no warranty on lenses.

Q. How do I return my sunglasses for warranty repair or service outside the warranty?
A. Please contact Kerry Parker on 082 929 6889 or kerry@airwear.co.za
When we receive your sunglasses, we will determine whether to repair or replace the product and will inform you of any costs, if necessary.

Q. I am returning my sunglasses to Randolph for warranty repair. Does Randolph pay for the shipping for this?
A. The customer is responsible for getting the product to Randolph. When received and approved for warranty repair or replacement, we will pay for shipping back to the customer.

Q. I have broken one of the lenses in my Randolph sunglasses. Can they be replaced and if so, how much do they cost?
A. Yes, all Randolph sunglasses are designed to accommodate replacement lenses. The cost is available on request.  Please contact Kerry on 082 929 6889 or kerry@airwear.co.za

Q. How long will it take my product to be shipped after I order it?
A. For available stock, we will ship most orders within 4 or 7 business days. Large or special orders may take longer. Call Kerry on 082 929 6889 to check on your product order if you have any questions or special requirements.

Q. Who pays for the shipping of my product(s) and how much does it cost?
A.  The customer pays for all shipping. Costs vary due to weight and type of delivery. 

Q. Are Randolph sunglasses UV protected?
A. Yes, all Randolph sunglasses offer UV protection.

UVA – 96.4% to 100% blocking depending on lens choice

UVB – 100% blocking for all lenses

Q. Can I order a frame only and have prescription lenses put it?

A. Yes, all Randolph frames (except Raptor/Avion) are suitable for prescription lenses. You may purchase the frame only and have your optician “edge” (shape) prescription lenses to fit your frame.  Note: Randolph does not directly provide prescription lens service at the present time.  Frame only special orders may take longer to ship. 

Q. Can I order replacement parts?
A. Yes, for lens and temple replacements call Kerry on 082 929 6889 or email kerry@airwear.co.za